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Alongside the books which have been my bread and butter, throughout my career, I have been writing a steady stream of articles for all sorts of magazines, newspapers and online publications – from destination features to opinion pieces, top 10 listings, hard core guidebook information to hotel and restaurant reviews, personal accounts and blogs. To see my blogs, see Blogs I Write.

Essentially America

I did this lovely foodie walking tour of Charleston during a press trip to South Carolina in 2012, organised by Hills Balfour. Very sadly, in order to fit it under the space allocation the last few lines of the piece, which flip onto the next page, have been cut off.

Tear sheet of a magazine article entitled Neighbourhoods and Nosh

The Independent

This opinion piece was one of a portfolio that won me the BGTW Online Travel Writer of Year Award (2010).

Flying is hard enough when you’re fat. Don’t make it any worse.


As one of a number of expert writers and photographers called in to help set up this new safari website, I contributed 42 reviews on national parks and game reserves across Africa, a job that would only have been better if I could have gone back to visit them all again!



This feature about African train travel without luxury was the result of some of the most fun I’ve had in my life, a series of journeys down through nine countries in Africa researching the history of the railways. It was published on the excellent website, Alastair McKenzie’s

Tracks & Claws – Africa by Rail


As Simonseek’s Milan expert, I created a detailed 30,000 word online guide to the city. Sadly it hasn’t been updated in a couple of years as the website went under but the content is still online and the template was a great (if incredibly fiddly) model for how to create professional guide content online.

Simonseeks Milan

For a while, I acted as specialist South Africa travel correspondent to the giant American website, During an intensive 8-month period, I uploaded 100 features on the country. This diary-style account of a trip on South Africa’s luxurious Blue Train (yes, back to my epic train trip) was, perhaps understandably, one of my personal favourites.

Blue Train Diary


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